Code of Conduct


As members of CSSL, we identify the value of our technologies and the role it plays in the development of Sri Lanka in addition to how it can affect the quality of life, both in Sri Lanka and across the world. We acknowledge our profession and as members of CSSL, we are obligated to commit ourselves to working with the highest standards of responsibility, integrity and
professional and ethical conduct.

We hereby agree to be bound to the rules mentioned herewith which are as per the core values set in the CSSL Code of Ethics:

1. Professionalism
  • To protect all confidential information belonging to CSSL and any personal information of CSSL employees, members, clients and other stakeholders.
  • Not conforming with competing individuals to fix rates or reduce price competition through the allocation of markets or customers and not manipulating bids in any process of bidding or partaking in activities that will lead to restricting trade.
  • To not infringe or misuse any intellectual property.
  • Unfailing promise to treat all people with fairness
  • Not engaging in harassment of any nature, be it sexual harassment, bullying or cyber bullying, in person, via technology or otherwise.
  • Not being discriminatory in any aspect irrespective of age, colour, disability, ancestry, origin, race, religion, gender, appearance, political affiliation, marital status, etc)
  • Being respectful to everyone, inclusive of CSSL members and behaving in a professional manner.
  • Respectful to the privacy of all individuals and protecting their personal data and information.
2. Professional Development

Being well informed about new technological trends, standards and Aussie online casinos for real money practices that are of relevance to your work. You will be expected to offer your skills and advice and therefore, knowledge in this field should be up to standard and you should encourage the same for your colleagues and staff.

Ensure that the knowledge and experience that you have acquired are shared in such as way that the recipient can enhance his/her skills and effectiveness in work and show more keenness to shoulder additional responsibilities. As per the above values, you are expected to:

  • Work towards upgrading your knowledge and skills.
  • Being aware if any issue has a subsequent effect on the profession and on public relationships.
  • Support training, professional and educational development in the ICT sector of Sri Lanka to accommodate the varied requirements of employees, students and colleagues to pursue their profession.
  • You should pay diligent attention to enhance the image, reputation and status of the ICT field and that of the profession.
3. Added Value to Sri Lanka

No matter what professional activity we engage in, one underlying objective all CSSL members uphold is to add value to our country – Sri Lanka.

Building our nation together and taking it to greater heights will always be the sole interest of all CSSL members.

Every CSSL member will look for ways in which they can contribute to the development of the country with their professional expertise.

4. Honesty

At all times, do not breach the trust the public has in the profession and neither the specific trust of your stakeholders. Utmost honesty and integrity should be the underlying factor in all your professional actions and decisions.

Undoubtedly, many circumstances will arise during the course of your professional career where it can be advantageous for you to be deceptive in some way or the other. In any event, this type of behavior and professional conduct will not be acceptable.

In accordance with this value you will:

  • Strongly reject bribery of any form.
  • Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible and disclosing it to the affected parties, should they exist.
  • Avoid knowingly misleading a client or potential with regards to the sustainability of a product or service.
  • Be clear with distinguishing between your professional and personal opinions and advice.
  • Always give realistic estimates for any projects under your control.
  • Give credit for the work done by others wherever credit is due.
  • Recognize professional opinions which you know are based on limited knowledge and experience.
  • Avoid attempting to augment your own reputation at the expense of another’s.
5. Competence

Only accept such work which you believe you are competent and able to perform. Do not hesitate to enlist additional expertise from appropriately qualified individuals when deemed advisable. You should always be well aware of your own limitations and never knowingly imply that you have the competence you do not possess. This does not hold true for accepting a task that calls for additional expertise other than your own for its successful completion. You are not expected to be knowledgeable in all facets of ICT but you are expected to be cognizant of when you require additional expertise and information.

In accordance with this value you will:

  • Make sure at all times to provide products and services which are in accordance to the operational and functional requirements of your stakeholders.
  • Avoid misinterpreting your skills and knowledge.
  • Respect and protect your stakeholders’ proprietary interests.
  • Be continuously updated and aware of relevant standards and legislation and act accordingly.
  • Accept full responsibility for your work.
  • Advice your stakeholders when you genuinely believe a proposed project, product or service is not in their best interest.
  • Respect and whenever necessary, seek the professional expertise of colleagues in their areas of competence.
  • You are required to have a passion and willingness to develop skills, knowledge and competence in the field of ICT.